No other real estate investment alternative is like the 18 Piedras model.

Real Estate Investment

When you become a partner of 18 Piedras, you become the owner of 18 properties that you can use on holidays, weekends or rented out when vacant.

Legal certainty

The investment is made through a trust where the rights and responsibilities of each trustee are stated. The information of the use of financial resources and the profits is transparent.

Frequent access to properties

The partners can book one of the 18 properties every week

Low maintenance fees

You become the owner of 18 properties without spending too much on maintenance fees.

Rental pool

If the partners do not book a property, it will be out for rent and the proceeds will go to the trustees.

Destination Diversity

Options at the beach, cities, mountains or lakes. Enjoy different experiences every time you travel.

Éstos derechos no tienen vencimiento y se pueden revender en cualquier momento. El precio depende del fideicomisario de acuerdo a sus intereses.