Your home away from home in six
extraordinary destinations

Combine investing with the pleasure of traveling with your beloved ones. With 18 Piedras, you become the owner of eighteen properties in six different destinations in Mexico and the United States.

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How does it work?

Every year, the owners get a calendar with the dates on which they are entitled to make use of their properties.

Through the mobile app, each owner confirms if he or she will make use of the property and checks if there are any alternative dates for using other properties.

Every property is fully equipped and furnished, and can accommodate from 8 to 12 people. There are additional services available upon request in each property.

If a property is not booked, it will become available for other people to rent in benefit of all the owners.

Fully equipped properties, perfect for families

Spend your holidays or weekends in one of your luxuriously furnished and decorated houses or apartments. Enjoy exclusive amenities such as pools, paddle tennis courts, and running tracks, among others.

Why choosing 18 Piedras?

You will always have a home away from home in six extraordinary destinations.

Real-estate investment trust.

Low-cost property maintenance.

Profits generated by the rental pool scheme.